Daniel Nouri wrote:
> Hanno Schlichting wrote:
>> Nope. Windows support for zopectl is a lot harder then just some path
>> fiddling. But the real issue with it is not really something that is an
>> argument for ploneout, I just took the time to implement it in it, it
>> could be a separate package as well. The basic problem with it is, that
>> it relies on Unix-specific thread handling for the
>> start/stop/restart/debug/status options, but it calls the internal
>> status command at every start of the script, so on Windows it fails
>> before you can do anything with it. I adjusted the internal status
>> handling, so it doesn't look for the Unix specific stuff but should look
>> if a Windows service of the instance is installed and running. Ideally
>> this could move into Zope itself. I have seen that somebody implemented
>> something alike for instancemanager...
> I looked at the Zope 2 recipe briefly and thought it only fiddlest with
> PYTHONPATH in bin/runzope.bat.  I don't really understand the other issue
> with Unix specific threading that you mention.

Lucky you, basically the current state is: zopectl doesn't work on
Windows! But I found out that it's not that hard to enhance it in a way
so it does work on Windows... all you need to do is to look into the
internals of zopectl and zdaemon combined with how configuration files
are parsed at Zope startup... and add some platform specific conditional

Now after a refreshing my memory it fails on socket handling in zdctl.py
in zdaemon on the line (sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_UNIX,
socket.SOCK_STREAM)) where socket.AF_UNIX is not defined on Windows.
Basically the way Zope is started in non-foreground mode on Unix is
different from Windows, where you need to install a service which you
can start/stop/restart...

> First off, I think ploneenv would need to modify the runzope.bat script so
> that it calls the activate script before startup.

Wouldn't it be enough to adjust the PYTHONPATH to look into the
workingenv directory first? I thought that's the only thing that's
really necessary to activate a workingenv?


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