Previously Alex Clark wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 28, 2007 at 12:27:18AM +0100, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> > I have been looking at the new workflows in the CMFPlone
> > aclrak-ui-sprint-workflow-integration branch and I'm afraid they aren't
> > where they should be. 
> That's true, 
> - 
> is (hopefully) everything from:
> - 
> only on a branch closer to trunk (to make merging easier). With the exception 
> of:
> -
> in which I fixed the testStateTitles test 
> to account for the new workflows.

I've made a few changes on aclark-ui-sprint-workflow-integration as

> > Some things I noticed are:
> > - there are no migration steps to create the new workflows 
> I don't think I follow... you mean migration steps from older versions of 
> Plone ? 

Yes: in migrations/v3_0/ there should be code which creates the
new workflows in the portal_workflow tool, along with a test in
test/ to test that.

> > - the private transition in the simple workflow does not work: it has
> >   the wrong URL expression (it uses private instead of make_private).
> >   I fixed that one in
> Cool! I tested a bunch of transitions TTW at the sprint but I didn't
> catch that (and testing TTW is pointless I am learning :-)

It was the very first thing I tried unfortuantely, which immediately tainted 
my experience a bit.

> > - the tests for the workflows are still far form complete. These should
> >   have caught the previous item immediately
> Agreed.
> > At this point I am not sure if we should merge the new workflows, but
> > instead allow them to mature in an external package and reconsider them
> > for inclusion in 3.5.
> Well, I'd personally be disappointed if they didn't get merged and I'm 
> willing to work hard between now and the RC releases to change your mind :-)
> There are others available to help as well I think, Andrew B?

Martin might be volunteering to help with tests as well.


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