Wichert Akkerman schrieb:

Why not? I suspect a fair amount of people will be interested in the new
workflows, and making them available to them is very useful. Are there
any possible downsides to adding them to the workflow tool?

At the very least we should be carefull not to override any exisiting
workflows which may just happen to have the same name.
In addition, we must not touch any type -> workflow mappings
nor change the default workflow or we are in danger of
breaking the site's security settings completely.

This means we cannot simply load the workflow tool step
from the profile - I think at least. Doing it more carefully
"by hand" could be OK though.

The reasoning for not not even adding the new workflows
on migration was that workflow settings and thereby security
settings are the most sensitive issue we have to deal with and
being conservative (and lazy) we thought we better don't
touch it at all during migration but leave the decision to the
site manager who should know what (s)he is doing.

So at least don't blame Alex (Clark) for not providing a
migration for this as this wasn't really on the agenda.


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