Alexander Limi wrote:
Not sure if you're on the framework list, but if not, Martin pretty much summarized my thoughts on the inline editing. Great work on the improvements so far, we're almost there. :)

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I pretty much agree 100% with the policy below, but reserve the right to
change my mind on the explicit save/cancel buttons if it turns out that
too many people have problems with the focus-on-blur.

This should be a simple configuration change later, should we choose to
enable these again, I believe (are they just hidden using CSS right now,
or is it actually done with JS? :)

All the points are good, and make sense. I don't think you can separate
double and single clicks in JS, but I might be wrong. :)

— Alexander

On Sun, 04 Mar 2007 16:04:46 -0800, Martin Aspeli

This thread got really long, but having played with it on and off today, here's what I would prefer:

  - Single click to invoke edit but

- When edit mode is invoked, the focus must be set to the newly appeared edit box! At the moment, this requires two clicks

Agreed, I forgot to mention I should implement this.

- Save on-blur (as now); if focus is set automatically, this means that you shouldn't be able to get more than one inline edit at the same time


- I'd actually explicitly disallow multiple inline edits at any one time, I think it's confusing.

At first thought, this is not obvious to implement...

I'll think of it ;-)

  - Escape cancels (as now)

- In a text box (<input type="text" /> or type="password"), pressing Enter saves (currently it does strange things about leaving the page, this is bad.

This can be improved, but we will need help for x-browser compat (default action for Enter on from is not really well standardized AFAIK).

  - In a text area or kupu, Enter works as normal.

- Ideally, a double-click should not trigger it, just a single click. Not sure how doable that is in JS.

I suppose we will need to explicitely setup doubleclick as a noop action.


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