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I'm wearing my release manager hat today and was looking at NuPlone. At
the moment there are still a lot things that do not work or look bad in
NuPlone (IE support, form styling and control panel styling are easy to
find examples). That means that it is currently not in a state where I
want it to even ship with Plone 3.

The plan is still the same as outlined earlier:

- Get NuPlone "feature complete" by beta2

- Work on IE6/7 issues towards the RCs

- Decide based on how ready it seems to be whether it should be the default in the RCs.

I have set off tomorrow evening to work on NuPlone.

- Danny has a made a fair number of improvements on the Informaat
  NuPlone-based intranet design, which might be mergable into NuPlone
  directly. But he has no time to work on that.

If he sends those changes to me, I'm happy to merge them and sanitize. I have asked him several times, but no response yet.

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