Ross Patterson wrote:
"Kapil Thangavelu" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

could explain why this change is nesc. to make five.intid work with

FiveSiteManager doesn't cooperate with the resolution order of
PersistentComponents.  For example a FiveSiteManagers utility registry
has no __bases__ attribute which raises an error in
zope/interface/  So if a site that uses localsitemanager (such
as Plone) is instantiated *after* the FiveSiteManager has been setup at
the application root by add_intids, then this error occurs.

Is that not just a bug in five.lsm?

Also, the registerUtility call in add_intids uses the old API and so
that raises an error when add_intids tries to register the IntIds
utility for a localsitemanager.

Yes, you'd need to port the code to Zope 2.10-style persistent components (which is easy). I did think and hope that five.lsm would play with this, though.


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