Martin Aspeli wrote:
This is a bit late in the game, but I'd like to offer for consideration whether we should move and to viewlets?


Because custom skins very often want to hide these. With the (incredibly cool) new viewlet manager from fschulze, we could make this very easy. As it stands, you still need to customise both of these (and/or main_template) to remove/change them.

+1 (for what it worths, as I'm not in the framework team)
Maybe they are still there because they have to go through a deprecation mechanism, and will not be removed before Plone 3.5, but I still think that we would benefit a lot from having them moved to viewlets.

there is already a IPortalFooter viewlet manager, so it would just be a matter of registering those viewlets for it and define their order.

In addition to this, I wrote an answer to an email I got from Martin about the ordering definition of viewlets in viewlets.xml
I sent it to the devel list, should I forward here too?


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