yeah, the formal process last time mainly involved me picking people with
some input from alecm and others. so any process would probably be more
formal ;)


On 10/29/07, Martin Aspeli <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Now that we're talking seriously about Plone 3.1, we need a new
> Framework Team.
> We've already had one nomination, but we need at least 5 people in
> total. I don't see a problem with any existing members staying on, nor
> with past members making a comeback, but fresh faces are appreciated.
> I'd like to solicit nominations (please talk to the person first) and
> volunteers. Please either respond here or email me in private.
> I'm not sure if we have a formal process (last time, we just asked
> around and arrived at a consensus), but I was thinking to email the
> existing members in private and have them vote on the new team.
> Martin
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