Raphael Ritz wrote:
Thanks Andi for reassuring me that the problem is indeed on my side
(I still didn't fully recover from a crash of my machine recently - maybe
even caused by the unified installer but I digress ...)
and sorry to Wichert for me potentially indicating there could be
something wrong with his buildout. Again it was my fault.
No problem, glad to see it is working for you now.

Now to the real thing.

Everything seems to be working as indicated. So far, I only noticed
the following:

Installing ProductOne indeed triggers installation of ProductTwo
but after that ProductTwo disappears from the plone add-on products
panel completely.
In ZMI it is listed as an installed product but without the option to
tick it for un- or reinstall.

Not sure this is intended.
Maybe I intended that when I initially wrote that, however I've realized since that locking the dependencee is not the right approach: it makes it impossible to upgrade or uninstall the dependencee. I've modified that in the code and updated the buildout.


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