Previously Martin Aspeli wrote:
> ... there's another kind of portlet which we can provide (ship with or 
> not, up to you guys) - a "referenced content portlet". Here, you search 
> (using an UberSelectionWidget) for a Page that's then rendered as 
> content. We can provide multiple renderers depending on what was 
> selected (plone.portlets has some design provisions for this exact use 
> case), so that there's a portlet-specific view for a Document that's 
> different to one for an Event, say.

The collection portlet is just that. Once you go down that road I would
prefer a more general approach where we introduce the concept of
context-based rendering, or tile-based rendering as some people call it.
Basically the idea is that you want to render a particular object in
different kinds of places/sizes: portlets, collage slots, main page
body, reference, etc. This is something that I requested more and more
often and it makes sense to try and come up with a proper infrastructure
for handling it.


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