Wichert Akkerman wrote:


If you draw this up you basically get a matrix of views with a
content-type axis and a tile-type axes. Something like:

        | main content  |  portlet          | search result   | folderlisting
 Topic  | topic_view.pt | topic_portlet.pt  | topic_list.pt   | topic_list.pt
 Page   | page_view.pt  | page_portlet.pt   | page_summary.pt | page_list.pt
 Link   | redirect.pt   | link_portlet.pt   | link_list.pt    | link_list.pt

you could register them like this:


and you could use them like this:

  <tal:tile replace="python:tile(obj, style='list')">

is that something along the lines you had in mind? are you planning on turning that into a plip? 3.1 material? certainly, the Zope CA seems to lend itself for expressing such scenarios (i.e. adapting a content object to a certain teaser type/ teaser interface, which then gets picked up by certain viewlet/portlet managers etc.)

I think this is too much of a change for 3.x. However it is a direction
that I think is worth investigating for 4.0. I'm not sure if I will have
time to work on it though.

I'm very much in favor of this approach but I agree that
this is not for the Plone 3 series.

Furthermore, I'm not sure that the underlying infrastructure
should be dealt with in Plone. There could be interest to
support this at the CMF level even (by enhancing the
types tool maybe? providing a registry for tile types?
just thinking out loud ...)


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