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Previously Encolpe Degoute wrote:
> I'd like to see the following for 3.1:
> #196: GroupUserFolder removing
> There were and there are a lot of critical UI bugs around
> GroupUserFolder by PlonePAS. Because of these, several Plone release had
> to be delayed. We fix a lot of them in customer branch.

I think this is a too large undertaking for 3.1 and I suspect that there
is too much code that uses GRUF-APIs that (Plone)PAS does support, which
means that that code will break. That is not allowed in a 3.x release.

I love the idea though :)

> #214: Merge of CMFPlacefulWorkflow into CMFPlone/WorkflowTool
> CMFPlacefulWorkflow is now mature enough to be merge into the workflow tool:
>     * since two major version there's no critical bug on it
>     * GenericSetup support is implemented in the trunk
>     * let him outside the workflow tool would leave 2 more monkey
> patches in Plone bundle
>     * all page templates can be merged into a plone_workflow skin with
> the #210

How does the CMF workflow tool factor into this? I would be nice if we
can remove the CMFPlone WorkflowTool and use the CMF one, but I have no
idea how the CMF community feels about CMFPlacefulWorkflow.


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