Alec Mitchell wrote:


I will be writing a PLIP shortly which will hopefully make any merging
of CMFPlacefulWorkflow into the workflow tool unnecessary.  The idea
is adapter based workflow assignment.  By default all IDynamicType
objects would be assigned a workflow chain using an adapter that does
the normal lookup in portal_workflow, but alternate means could be
provided with simple adapters.  CMFPlacefulWorkflow/CMFPlone would
probably just override the default adapter with one that relies on
acquisition, but there may be an even more elegant way.

Sneaking in here because of the phrasing "...Plone would
just override ..."

In terms of ZCML overrides I think we shouldn't do that
as there can always only be one override for a specific
component at most (please correct me if I'm wrong).
I thought the way to be more specific if needed is
e.g., by adding qualifiers or introducing more specific

But I'm confident Alec will get it right ;-)



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