Tom Lazar wrote:
On 11.12.2007, at 13:35, Laurence Rowe wrote:

I'd like to see the following for 3.1:

#210: Improve UI support for objects on multiple workflows

DCWorkflow allows for a chain of workflows to be specified for a type.

please explain. does chaining mean, that an object/type can have multiple workflows associated sequentially? or does each given state have the sum of all of the workflows transitions available?

More the latter than the former.
Objects can be subject to several workflows at once.
This implies multiple state variables of course.
Indeed you get a sum of all possible transitions offered.

I used to use this feature to provide locking functionality
before Plone itself did it (but in a different way now).
If you want to see an example in action check out my
LockingWorkflow product in a Plone 2.5 site.

And to drive home the point here: the CMF workflow tool
and DCWorkflow have supported this from the onset.
It is only Plone's UI that's kind of hiding this from you.

and BTW: +1 from me on the issue

or does one simply chose one workflow for different instances of a content type? i.e. "the frontpage has a restrictive workflow and the faq page has a more permissive one."?

This mostly works with Plone, but there are a few (mostly UI) warts to be fixed.

#211: Enable dashboard to be locked down

Portlets may be registered to the dashboard for groups, this makes the dashboard useful even when users should not be able to modify their own dashboard.

definitely +1 on "Protect the dashboard with a 'Portlets: View own portlets' permission" but also to the switch to registering portlets to AuthenticatedUsers group

+1 here as well



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