On Thu, 13 Dec 2007 10:25:46 +0100, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Previously Balazs Ree wrote:

> How does this vibe with the jquery PLIP? That also changes the same KSS
> code.

Currently in kss we only replaced kss's internal usage of cssQuery with 
base2, and we did not suggest to do this generally in Plone. Although we 
also made a compatibility wrapper that replaces cssQuery globally with 

We will most certainly make kss capable of using the css query engine 
from jQuery, and then it will be a question of setup to decide, which 
query engine should be used. The options are:

- we can have base2 loaded for kss, besides jQuery is also loaded: we 
originally chose base2 for its code quality and extremely impressive 
benchmarks, and because jQuery's engine was not yet usable at that moment,

- or we can just have kss without base2, work with jQuery's css selector 

This can be decided just including the desired javascript, and kss will 
use the best available library. I believe the benchmarks should be 
considered as a base for decision, as the size of the base2 itself is 
pretty small.

Balazs Ree

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