On Dec 12, 2007, at 12:03 AM, Encolpe Degoute wrote:
#214: Merge of CMFPlacefulWorkflow into CMFPlone/WorkflowTool
CMFPlacefulWorkflow is now mature enough to be merge into the workflow tool:

hmm, just to make sure, is this about merging the entire product into plone's workflow tool or just the necessary monkey patches that support the works of CMFPlacefulWorkflow? the former would certainly be too invasive for 3.1, especially since the product isn't used by default. on the contrary, being an optional add-on product there should be as little merging as possible — after all the idea is to componentize things to make them more easily pluggable, no?

otoh if this is just about merging the two monkey patches in order to get rid of them (which i don't think it is), i wouldn't mind that. however, if alec's plip would make these obsolete by allowing to utilize the CA anyway, i think we should go for that — imho much cleaner — approach.

so, i guess this would make it a -1 in the first case and a "let's wait for more information" in the second.


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