On Dec 13, 2007, at 6:24 PM, Martijn Pieters wrote:
On Dec 13, 2007 5:06 PM, Steve McMahon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Please consider PLIP #209:


for Plone 3.1 The proposal is to provide a version of the Unified
Installer that builds the base Python, but then uses buildout for the
final steps. The would replace the existing Unified Installer, which
is based on the traditional tarball installation approach.

Having never used the unified installer myself, I find it hard to
fully appreciate the risks involved with using buildout for this.
However, I am a great fan of buildout and using it as a basis for
Plone installs is in my opinion a honking great idea.

+1 from me.

can't add to that as it's the same here, so +1 as well.


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