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Hi Framework Team!

This is the other PLIP I want to propose besides #213. Martijn did all the
hard work for it already.


Just a comment from a non-FT member.  I think the work done for this
PLIP is great, and the simplification of the js code (less to
maintain) is very important.  However, I'm a bit disappointed that
it's not using KSS stylesheets to do the bindings, but instead using
jQuery directly.

Another IMO big reason is that KSS bindings only work if the Browser supports AJAX and some things should still work without that IMO. Also some things can't be expressed as CSS selectors easily, so the only possible binding would be the onload handler. BTW, I'm not sure there is an ondomload in KSS, so for some things like the focus on first input element we should stick to the current way, because the latency is important in this specific case.

I agree that we should revisit all Javascripts (for 4.0?) and decide which can be bound by KSS or even replaced by it. Some key functionality should be done the old way though.

Florian Schulze

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