Hi guys,

Just a quick email to say that I have been traveling (and without internet connection :( ) since before the PLIP deadline.

The one I want in 3.1 isn't really a core thing as such — it's in Kupu — but I think it should have a PLIP to make it follow the process anyway.

It's detailed in this issue: http://dev.plone.org/plone/ticket/6882

(Duncan has already made Kupu work with the latest Webkit/Safari builds, so half the PLIP is already done)

I won't have internet connnection until Monday, so I hope it's OK that I get the PLIP in then. Since this is more about the acceptance of the idea than delivering the implementation at this point, I assume the above ticket has enough info for you to make a decision for now.

Sorry about the delay!

Alexander Limi · http://limi.net

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