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Andreas Zeidler wrote:
On Dec 21, 2007, at 3:31 AM, Martin Aspeli wrote:

I just put some documentation on the implementation of PLIP 203 up on the PLIP page (http://plone.org/products/plone/roadmap/203).
hmm, i'm probably missing something, but the "implementation" sections of that plip is still empty (when viewed both anonymously and logged- in) and i kinda have the feeling i've read it all before... anyway, that's definitely a helpful thing to do, so thanks, potentially in advance. :)

Well, I just amended/corrected the "proposal" section, so that it's now accurate and more complete.

that would be everything following "The assignment directive has the following attributes:", right? i wasn't completely sure about this part, but somehow thought i had read it before... and the waybackmachine doesn't know about the page either. :)

Well, informing the reviewers what they need to look at it is one thing; helping others who want to understand what's changed in 3.1 and how it affects them is slightly different. A .txt file in a bundle helps the former, but I think the PLIP page is the natural page to write out or provider pointers to the latter.

yep, absolutely. i just hadn't read the remainder of your mail before i started answering, sorry.



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