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Martin Aspeli wrote:
Ho ho ho,

I'd like to officially submit for consideration for Plone 3.1 a bundle that comprises the following PLIPs (in separate packages):

- PLIP 184 - additional portlets (has a dependency on PLIP 200)

- PLIP 200 - Kupu formlib widget
Hi Martin,

just playing with this I noticed the following:

If I install FCKeditor, select this as my personal
preference (under WYSIWYG editor) and then try
to create or edit a static portlet I get the attached

I know it's borderline and I don't know how popular
FCKeditor is but so far it's been OK to offer and use
them both on a site.

It is not borderline: we can't break things in 3.1 that work in Plone

This isn't breaking anything that worked in 3.0 - it just means that a new 3.1 feature (formlib wysiwyg editor) won't work with a particular third-party product installed and enabled.

Of course, it should be fixed, but it may be that the fix needs to go into FCKeditor if it's doing something non-kosher; alternatively, we may need to build a bit more safety into the 3.1 feature to deal with a special case for FCKeditor.

I don't think I can do anything to fix before the Planning Summit (after the submission deadline), but I also don't see why that should matter. If someone else who actually uses FCKeditor has some time to look at it, I suspect it'll be a simple fix.


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