On Jan 31, 2008, at 8:01 PM, Tom Lazar wrote:
ok, i got nine assigned to me[1] and will start working on them, as i can. thank $DEITY for trac!

you might have mixed that up — you'll only need to do 7[*]. there were 9 unassigned tickets, though, so maybe that's why?! :) otoh, you're welcome to do all nine, of course.

anyway, in the interest of making the best of the limited resources we have atm, i'll quickly summarize the current "schedule":

* raphael said he's started looking at two more (besides #195) and is planning to continue friday and perhaps also saturday * martijn said he could (will, i take it :)) start next week, which would mean from feb 4th * danny told me on irc (and actually wanted to repeat that to the list ;)) that he'll do reviews from feb 11th * you said you could perhaps do one or two (at most) before feb 12th and you'll do the rest afterwards
    * as for me, i'm planning to be done with my share by this saturday

also, raphael already offered to review martin's plips (184, 200, 202, 203, 204) as well as sidnei's webdav work (187). since you took four of those, i'll go ahead and assign the other two (200, 204) to him. that'll leave one (220), which i guess will be my seventh. that'll give the three of us enough to do for now, and by monday there should be enough reviews done, so that martijn can pick his magnificent seven. hopefully he'll be done by the time danny and you will be able to start/continue, so that enough bundles will be available for everyone... :)

so realistically i guess we could be done with everything by let's say february 16th. does that sound right for everybody?


[*] 17 submitted bundles times 2 makes 34 reviews, which results in 6.8 for each team member

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