On Feb 1, 2008, at 7:00 PM, Martijn Pieters wrote:
On 1. feb.. 2008, at 12.28, Martin Aspeli wrote:
Careful with weeding imports. I recently had to fix a migration issue
for a customer, where a persistent tool had been moved into another
module with an import at the old location. Someone else then ran
pyflakes and removed said import, breaking the migration.

That's what zope.deferredimport is for. :)

Perhaps. But moved persistent classes also need to be migrated, really.

of course they would, _if_ we wanted to take the "cleaning up" of import to that level. however, that wasn't my original intend at all. like i said, i'd consider it perfectly fine to have convenience imports in say `interfaces/__init__.py` and i think they should be left alone[*], unless the imported symbols actually belong to some other package, of course. i'll do some analysis when i find the time (or become too curious about it :)), but i'd suspect that this type of warnings will be the minority anyway.

my suggestion, however, was to clean up unused imports and other stuff in regular, i.e. code modules, and imho these shouldn't contains convenience imports used by other modules anyway, right?


[*] if we really want to get rid of pyflakes warnings regarding those, too, you can always insert some no-op code like:

    from moduleX import ClassA, ClassB

    # convenience imports enumerated again to make pyflakes happy... :)
    ClassA, ClassB

that's what we (tomster and i) did in some bigger project a lot, and i worked quite nicely. it's probably not exactly the cleanest way to solve this, but imho the benefits of normally having zero pyflakes warnings (and therefore being able to quickly spot other problems) outweighed the "hackyness" of these workarounds, especially as they were only "allowed" in interface modules anyway...

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