Wichert Akkerman wrote:
Unfortunately the Plone 3.1 PLIP review deadline has gone by silently
without all reviews being finished, which means we need to adjust our
timelines.  The new, final, ultimate deadline for reviews is:

   Saturday, February 16

Since I do not want to postpone 3.1 forever until all reviews are in
I will be changing the rules a little bit: PLIPs which have not been
properly reviewed at that point will not be considered for Plone 3.1. I
really this may be bad news for the developers who have worked hard on
them but I see no other option. I'm not willing to accept forever
slipping schedules.

I think this is fine, but I put an awful lot of work into various PLIPs that I fully believe are ready to go in. I'll be unbelievably disappointed and disillusioned if they are not reviewed, as will, I'm sure, everyone else who submitted a PLIP. I think this would be a huge failure for us and our vision of doing shorter, more responsive releases.

Please let us, the PLIP authors, know what we can do to make this easier for you guys, and please get yourselves organised and get this done. There are 24 PLIPs. Most of them are small. Some are already reviewed. Doing a review is not a terribly onerous task. You don't need to write any code, you don't even need to understand everything going on in full detail, just enough to make an informed judgement. All my bundles (and I assume most other ones) give clear pointers to where you need to look and have the necessary data or views to make it easy to test, and all my PLIPs are updated to include relevant background. A review will take you less than an hour - in most cases more like 20-30 minutes.

For 3.0, we had one main reviewer for each bundle who'd report back for a quick vote on the list. People with concerns could then dig into the code in more detail or request more specifics.


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