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hi george,

When Andi suggested the February 16 deadline, it seemed to be based on some scattered conversations on-list, off-list, and on IRC. Nobody replied on-list saying that this deadline would definitely work for them, although that has
since been set as the official new deadline.

first of all, thanks for following up on this. as one of the PLIP authors this is mostly affecting you, so personally i really appreciate the feedback. there's definitely been too little communicating back to you and also status updates so far. from my side this was mostly due to some client work i had to finish before heading out to the summit, and then the summit itself, of course. we've kinda tried to stay focused during the weekend, so i didn't really catch up with the framework team list. sorry about that — i hope i'll find enough time today to look at the other review notes, answer mails etc. otoh, with the beautiful weather down here it's kinda tempting to go to the beach, too... :)

oh, and about the new deadline: afaik there hasn't been much communication off-list either (before wichert set it), so at some point it simply had to be set. this of course is unfortunate to say the least, but was necessary to — like wichert said — not let the release slip even more.

For the sake of transparency to the rest of the developers not on the framework team, can the framework team members please reply on-list to say whether they can really meet this deadline? Martijn has been doing reviews since the new deadline announcement, but personally I feel left in the dark whether the whole
team is really committed to the February 16 deadline.

raphael has also done a number of reviews, but still needs to wrap up and, more importantly, post his review notes. we sat down the other day and updated the tickets accordingly as you might have noticed. however, i think your point also applies here, that is it would have been better to send a short update saying so to the list as well.

i guess the good news about this is that there is general agreement about the need to come up with a better process for the framework team and the reviews in particular, i.e. something written down amongst other things. this also happens to be one of the action items identified at the summit, and matt bowen kindly agreed to champion this. my hope is that it'll be a joint effort of the old and new framework teams and also that we can pull this off soon enough, so that we'll end up with a much better and, above all, working process for the next release. but first we need to wrap up 3.1, of course... :)

anyway, we're about to head out now — hanno and david are already waiting for me, as usual. :) like i said, i'll try to read more review notes later today, so the the "big picture" should hopefully become a little clearer soon...



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