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Christian Scholz wrote:
I meant more that we should define (and document) the timespans between releases are happening so everybody knows when the next chance and deadline is. For 3.1 I know now, for the next releases I don't.

We can't do that until a single release becomes more predictable. The 3.0.x releases have been very predictable (every month around the 10th) except for 3.0 where the summit complicated things. 3.0 slipped for various reasons, and 3.1 which was completely designed to be simpler and more predictable is already slipping by two weeks. As long as that happens it is impossible to set useful schedules for releases beyond the upcoming release.

what we could (and should) do imho, is to make some sort of official statement about the targetted time frame for minor releases, e.g. 3.x. something along the lines of "every x months" would help a lot (with x being 4 or 5 maybe). as for bugfix release, i know wichert's tried to stick with a schedule for the 3.0.x releases, and pretty successfully so, but i think we should also communicate this more openly/officially.



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