Tom Lazar wrote:
On Feb 18, 2008, at 12:56 AM, Andreas Zeidler wrote:

On Feb 17, 2008, at 3:21 PM, Tom Lazar wrote:
sorry for the delay, i went out with hannosch and lurker yesterday evening, instead of finishing my last review ;-)

way to go.

i finished 201 but still couldn't get 209 to work (despite the hint from graham)

since 209 has already been reviewed twice, i think it'd be sufficient to resolve the issue you were describing. other than that there's probably no need to dig deeper here...

that sounds reasonable and as long as the issue does get resolved i'm ready to vote 209 in based on the existing reviews.

Just to mention this here as well: I cannot reproduce the issue
you are seeing. Are you sure you used the tarball and not a
svn checkout?


now what?

like i said, imho we should still get secondary reviews for at least 187 and 215. seeing that you've done "only" six reviews so far (out of the required 7.2), could you please still review 187? wichert's extended the deadline until monday night, so there should be enough time left...

sure thing, i'll review 187 during the day and post back.





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