Hi folks,

I have been thinking (yes, I try that occasionally) and I must say that we really need some sort of better tooling for the entire review process. It is all too scattered if you ask me. I really don't know where I have to find what I need to know for reviewing. Plone.org, track, svn, plone-devevelopers@, framework-team@ etc etc, I need one place where I can find everything there is to know:

* which releases are there and
* which plips do we have to review for this release
* which deadlines are there
* who are the reviewers (ok, not so necessary but for completeness...)
* discussion threads for each plip during the review in ONE PLACE
* status overview of the review process
* instructions per plip on how to checkout, review, what to look for etc
* ....

It may sound like 'cursing in the church' (pardon my dutch) but many of the modern forum tools out there already allow you to do all this. You could set it up where each release is a forum with some sticky posts listing the plips with urls to the plip definition and threads for each plip in the release. Then each plip can have it's own discussion. We could add a few sticky posts with process status and other information needed for each release and each plip. Given the low amount of plips per release I think that a forum isn't so bad. The problem with Trac is that you always have to do queries to get to the data you need and you never know if you haven't missed anything. I always have a feeling of drowning in Trac-like tools.

It may seem strange to suggest this but at least we don't have to re- invent something ourselves. It's easy to set up and I even think that ploneboard should support this from the start. I certainly would volunteer (with some help) to set up such a board or... when people have even better ideas, to help implement that. In any way, we have to improve on this and I really don't think it is hard to do :))


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