as a member of the framework team (and as somebody who co-reviewed sidnei's bundle) i feel the need to speak up.

sidnei, i understand your frustration but please consider the following:

* your bundle was one of the most complex ones submitted (certainly the one with the largest impact) * each reviewer cautioned against unconditional acceptance of this plip due to the fact that it was difficult to review * each reviewer pointed out several issues that require addressing, which haven't been addressed yet. * each reviewer came to the conclusion that the current status of the bundle does not satisfy the 'OOTB working webdav' claim of the plip * instead we said, let's include the bundle for the benefits that it brings and then finish it for 3.2

if wiggy, as release manager, now finds that there are bugs in the code that actually make things *worse* than before i'm afraid i have to agree with his decision.

this is certainly nothing personal against you. i'm only pointing this out, because it appears to me that you are disgruntled.

you are free to blame the framework team, including myself, for not having caught the bugs that wiggy now has, but then again, there really was no clear testcase against which to test your bundle (you certainly didn't provide anything along those lines) and eventhough each reviewer approached it from a different angle it just proved not to be enough.

personally, i'm glad the bugs were found *now*, i.e. before the betas and i can only urge you to hang in there for 3.2; i would like to offer to review the bundle again for 3.2 (which we will start working on pretty much straight away after 3.1 is released) and to work more closely with you. i think the work you're doing for webdav is important and i have a personal interest to have working webdav.

i hope this can ease things a bit for you.

all the best,


On 24.02.2008, at 18:19, Sidnei da Silva wrote:

On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 1:04 PM, Wichert Akkerman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I've just reverted the WebDAV changes from Sidnei after playing a bit with


I did this for two reasons:

Hanno had some very good remarks that need to be addressed

And there's nothing that prevents them from being addressed other than time?

I tested the 3.1 tree with just Calendaring removed. Some testing there quickly revealed that there are other things broken: the default frontpage for a Plone site is no longer created properly this made me feel that at this moment the implementation of this PLIP is note quite mature enough.

How does that relate to the changes I made? Please provide more details.

have too much happening in the 3.1 tree at the moment to work on it there,
so this should mature a bit more before we merge it again.

I find that completely unfair. You have not provided any clear reason
why it should be reverted. I can't see from your email how the
frontpage is related to WebDAV changes. I am quickly losing any
interest I had in getting those changes merged. At best, you should
have asked *me* to revert the changes.

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