for the record: the front-page issue mentioned by wiggy did *not* occur in my testing of the bundle itself, which suggests that it is perhaps caused by some side-effect of previous merges. and certainly outside the scope of the framework-team testing... (not that it actually matters now, though)


On 24.02.2008, at 20:56, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

Previously Martin Aspeli wrote:
Let's all take a deep breath....

I think it's a bit worrying that these issues were only found after
merge. I'm not particularly thrilled about having code ship with 3.1
that is not used and that no-one will maintain. Arguably, this should
never have been submitted for inclusion (i.e. we should've made a new
branch of Calendaring or a new package altogether), and it should
probably have been picked up during bundle review, which was the proper
time to discuss this.

Now, reverting an accepted PLIP without notifying the PLIP owner is IMHO a bad idea. We risk alienating contributors and it could be conceived as
disrespectful of their contributions. Sidnei seemed to be offering a
plan to improve this situation before 3.1. I was a bit confused by some of the details there, but we should try and work those out in a positive

That said, Wichert's message seems to say to me "I've reverted it for
now, we'll try again later", in a somewhat convoluted way. If that's the case, then there's no reason to panic. That said, I think a message to the PLIP author would be the right thing to do here. We also need a bit more detail than "it breaks the front page" to be able to work together
on resolving any problems.

Let's not lose sign of the bigger picture here: Improving our WebDAV
support is an important goal, and something that's been painful to get
right in the past. Let's not make it more painful by getting lost in
process like this.

As usual Martin does a better job of wording what I'm thinking than I

We have multiple people merging a fair amount of changes in the tree on
a pretty tight schedule, so it is imortant that there are no problems
as a result of a merge. Sidnei said he would work on this on Monday, so
I made the decision to revert the changes in the 3.1 tree to give him
all the time he needs to respond to the found issues while giving
everyone else who needs to work with the 3.1 tree a stable tree to work

The frontpage issue I found is very simple to reproduce: if you create a
new Plone site the text of the default frontpage is empty. After
reverting the changes to CMFPlone frontpage creation worked again.


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