You missed #217 - Workflow lookup by Adaptation, which is merged.

On Sun, Mar 2, 2008 at 6:12 AM, Wichert Akkerman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Thanks to all the hard work from the PLIP authors we have finished
>  merging all the PLIPs in the Plone 3.1 tree. A total of 16 PLIPs
>  have been merged:
>   #184: Include more/improved portlets (Jon Stahl)
>   #195: Support product dependencies (Wichert Akkerman)
>   #200: Kupu formlib widget (Martin Aspeli)
>   #202: Support inline validation and editing for formlib forms (Martin 
> Aspeli)
>   #203: Manage portlet assignments with GenericSetup (Martin Aspeli,
>        Geir Baekholt)
>   #204: Manage content rules using GenericSetup (Martin Aspeli)
>   #205: Flexibility Associating Portlet Types and Portlet Managers (George 
> Lee)
>   #207: Allow Custom Portlet Managers (George Lee)
>   #208: Adapter-Based Local Role Lookup (Alec Mitchell)
>   #209: Add buildout to Unified Installer (Steve McMahon, Wichert Akkerman)
>   #212: Use jQuery Javascript Library (Florian Schulze, Martijn Pieters)
>   #213: Prepare for better Syndication (Florian Schulze, Derek Richardson)
>   #215: Include new KSS versions (Balazs Ree, Godefroid Chapelle)
>   #218: Increase Restrictions, and Ability to Change, Addable Portlet Types
>        by Interface (George Lee)
>   #220: Improve browser layer support (Wichert Akkerman)
>   #224: CSRF protection framework (Wichert Akkerman)
>  Unfortunately 2.2 PLIPs did not make it in this release:
>   #187: Working Out-of-the-box WebDAV (Sidnei da Silva)
>     This was probably the most hotly debated PLIP. It does offer some
>     very nice improvements for WebDAV but the initial implementation
>     needed some cleanups and changes before it could be merged into
>     Plone core. Sidnei has been working hard on those and has a cleaner
>     implementation ready, but this needs a a new proper review. This
>     already looks like an excellent candidate for Plone 3.2.
>   #201: Improve the UberSelectionWidget UI (Florian Schulze)
>     The user interface for the UberSelectionWidget needs more work
>     before it is ready for us mere mortals. I'm hoping this will be
>     finished on time for Plone 3.2.
>     A few improvements to the sources that make the existing
>     UberSelectionWidget a bit easier to use have been merged in the 3.1
>     tree.
>   #224: CSRF protection framework (Wichert Akkerman)
>     The changes to plone.session to make it use the new keyring manager
>     introduced too many migration problems and test failures in a lot
>     of other places and have been reverted. The other parts of this PLIP
>     have been merged.
>  this week we will be focusing on stabilizing the tree, fixing any test
>  failures that have surfaced and testing, testing and testing. And the
>  good news is everyone can help! Just grab that Plone 3.1 ploneout
>  branch, make an instance and start playing with it. The PLIP authors
>  are not the only one having fun, *you* can have some fun as well!
>  Wichert.
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