The way we currently handle the description is a bit painful: Plone uses the description as a proper description in places such as folder listings and search results, but it also uses the description field as introduction text when showing an object. This is awkward when writing text: it is very hard or impossible to write text that works well for both purposes in many cases.

For this reason it is not entirely uncommon to not want to show the description field at all, or to display it somewhere else. This is currently not possible since all content view templates have rendering of the description field hardcoded. Even using archetypes.schemaextender to mark the field as invisible in view mode does not work due to that hardcoding.

To improve things a bit I propose that move the rendering of the description field to a viewlet and put that in the plone.abovecontentbody slot. That is trivial to do, does not change our current pages and makes it possible to customize rendering of the field.

Long term I feel that we need to stop showing the description field in view templates at all and only use it as a proper description of the object, which can be shown instead of the content in places like search results. Perhaps something to consider for Plone 4 :)


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