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On 24. jun. 2008, at 22:45, Spanky wrote:

Before I make my case, the reason I didn't simply say "I'll do it!" is because I'd like to know a little bit more about the job. This is what I was really asking for. I certainly don't want to volunteer for something I cannot do :) So, I asked what the job entails. Is it very code-centric or more process-oriented? To me, it seems this job is about making sure that the appropriate parties are providing the pieces required for the release (cutting releases/making eggs), compiling everything, running tests, communicating with everyone on this and other teams, tagging releases, managing changelogs, building consensus about versions/features/direction, etc. Basically "managing" the "release". Maybe I'm totally off-base. Either way, I'd like to learn.

Saying no to people trying to get new features into bugfix releases, even though it's unpopular decisions, and even if it's limi who really wants to. ;)

Or optilude. :-)

Other useful things that Wichert has done:

 - setting realistic deadlines
 - harassing people to meet said deadlines
 - reading code in checkins
 - complaining when checkins break our policies
 - updating/soliciting release notes
- "owning" the stability of a release by setting appropriate standards and performing final testing


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