Wichert Akkerman wrote:
Previously Martin Aspeli wrote:
Wichert Akkerman wrote:
The packaging goal we want to achieve is to move to a fully eggified release.

What isn't eggified yet?

The products currently still in the 3.2 ploneout are: CMFActionIcons
CMFCalendar, CMFDefault, CMFDiffTool, CMFEditions, CMFPlacefulWorkflow,
CMFTopic, CMFUid, DCWorkflow, GroupUserFolder and PloneTranslations.
I expect that we'll be able to have eggified versions of these in a week
as well.

A week was a bit pessimistic here, products are gone from the 3.2 branch!

Also - what about Zope itself? I know Andreas is kean to move Zope 2 to all eggs soon (and make use of Zope 3.4, which is all eggs). It may make sense to co-ordinate here, since a fully eggified CMF/Plone is really only half the picture.

This will be a topic for the black forest sprint in August. I
eggification of Zope to be a goal for Zope 2.12, which means we won't be
able to benefit of that for some time. In the meantime we should use the
fake-zope-eggs option of plone.recipe.zope2install.

I have just signed up for helping out on Zope 2 eggification on that sprint as well. I'm sure we can get there for Zope 2.12. If we are able to make a Zope 2.11 release as an egg, is yet to be decided. 2.10 is definitely not going to see an official egg release anymore.

I think we're due a "new features" process. Perhaps we could start soliciting PLIPs for 3.3 and get the review process organised at the same time that we package up 3.2. I presume 3.2 won't have any PLIPs to review (well, maybe one or two package related ones) in any case.

For 3.2 I only want to look at PLIPs that deal with installers. There
are two PLIPs listed for 3.2 at the moment. 229 is purely an installer
extension and should be easily doable, especially since I already
implemented almost the same thing for the Jarn Plone hosting
environment. 230 is borderline but I'm willing to look at it if it is
done in the form of an optional new package.

3.2:  I gave my comments on plone.org on the two PLIP's in question.

3.3: I should probably start writing my own PLIP's soon :)


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