+1 from me

The way I understand the proposed changes they are not breaking backwards compatibility, but simply make it easier to achieve already existing functionality. also +1 on the idea of making portlet assignments browser layer dependant. that's a feature i often find a need for.



On 16.10.2008, at 17:35, Martin Aspeli wrote:

Hi all,

Ricardo Alves has been working (with me providing some guidance) on some incremental improvements to plone.app.portlets. We'd like to propose this for Plone 3.3:


The key suggestions are:

- Create a "site wide" portlet category for portlets that should show on all pages (unless blocked). Currently, people have to use contextual portlets at the root of the site for this, which gets cumbersome since if you block them in one folder, you need to re-add all portlets in subfolders.

- Improve the contextual "manage portlets" screen so that you can see what portlets will disappear/appear when you block/unblock.

- Add a setting (actually, an annotation) to each individual portlet assignment that determines whether it is shown in subfolders or not. This will probably need to default to true, at least for migrated sites, but may be better off as defaulting to false. This will solve the problem of "I want this portlet in this folder, but not all sub- folders". Currently, you need to go and block contextual portlets in each sub-folder, which is a pain.

Each of these could be implemented separately, although they do go hand in hand.


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