On 17.10.2008, at 00:39, Martin Aspeli wrote:

I used to think that way, I'm not so sure anymore. Speaking to people about this over the past few months, I've come to realise that our model of thinking that the site root is the "parent" of all content from which things like portlets can inherit if they need to be site-wide is not how people tend to think about it.

I think to most people, the root is the front page and is just a page. You may want some portlets on the front page, or you may want some portlets that are global and show up (almost) everywhere. In our current model, the "workaround" is that you have to be careful to assign portlets to the root and then not block them unduly. This gets unnatural, especially if you have deep or complex content hierarchies.

FWIW i can directly attest to that from an ongoing project. i.e. i have some users feeling pain that would (at least partially) go away if we had this plip already.



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