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Hi framework team,

I'm sorry I didnt' comment on the previous discussion about PLIP #244, but I wasn't subscribing this list. Anyway, I'd like to comment on some of the objections already posted in the PLIP page.

About the usefulness of site-wide portlets, let me give an example: you have a static portlet assignment at a folder, and that portlet makes sense only in the context of that folder, so you want to block it in subfolders but keeping site-wide portlets visible (e.g. like news, review list, events, etc). Currently you can't do this, unless you manage to setup some weird combination using the other categories...

I disagree. Again you are just describing a special case of a more
generic problem: the lack of ability to selective block (and perhaps
unblock) portlets.

I agree that per-portlet blocking would make it easier, and it shouldn't be that hard to implement.

I can not think of a single situation where site
portlets would make sense.

The use case is almost the same, even with per-portlet blocking. I'll try to describe it.

Say you have the following site structure:

/ (Site Root)
/services (Folder)
/services/network/ (Folder)

- the site root has a portlet assignment (e.g. news portlet)

- the folder "/services" blocks the news portlet

- but you don't want to block the news portlet in folder "/services/network"

- if using a site-wide portlet, folder "/services" would be the only one blocking it and it would be shown in "/services/network".

Anyway, I do agree that this use case is not that common, and per-portlet blocking would do the trick for most use cases. So I guess the best is to start working on it :)


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