Andreas Zeidler wrote:
danny, raphael, and also steve and jon,

would that work for you? that's to say, realistically, like in being able to do all necessary reviews etc on time? :)

I hope so.
At least I'll try to plan for it to the extend possible.

What I can say today already, however, that it should be
easiest for me to allocate time over the Holidays - late
December/early January that is.

So I'd like to reinforce Wicherts call for early submissions.


if not, please tell us now so we can adjust things. we'd really like to stick with the plan this time...



On Nov 5, 2008, at 1:36 PM, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
The proposal we came up with today at lunch is:

The PLIP implementation deadline will be half January, after which the
framework team has a two week period to review all PLIPs. This will be
followed by a week during which developers can rework their
implementation (code, UI or documentation) to solve any problems found
by the framework team. The framework team will then have another week
during which is will re-evaluate previously rejected PLIPs. That means
that half February we will have a final verdict for all PLIPs.

In addition people are highly encourages to submit their implementation
before the deadline, and the framework team will try to review PLIPs as
soon as they are submitted. PLIPs submitted after the deadline will have
to wait for 3.4.

Steve and Jon will be asked to manage the process and make sure everyone
is playing by the rules.


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