On 23 Dec 2008, at 02:00, Alexander Limi wrote:

And here's a first stab at a report to track these:

Excellent to see Trac being used in this way. Thanks.

I wondered about a column to indicate priority, then realised that priority is already indicated by colour.

I suggest that we enhance the report, to sort:

* primarily by ticket number

-- doing so would be an essential reflection of the date on which a PLIP was Trac'd

-- on rare occasions when a PLIP fails a criterion for a milestone (let's imagine that a reasonable human error causes a PLIP to miss a formal submission date or voting date or whatever): then using report {24} FWT can see, at a glance, when the PLIP originated.

(This will be less true for PLIPs that originated before the Trac routine but still, I like the idea of the sort occurring on the primary column, in this case the ticket number.)

(This will be more true as time passes; I assume that Trac is now *the* starting point for people who wish to prepare then formally submit a PLIP.)

(we should probably add "component" in the table too, but my SQL-fu is weak ;)


Glancing for a moment at a different report {22} I see sections

Back to report {24} for PLIPs, can we

a) have comparable sections?

I suggest a more logical order, [ reopened | new | assigned | closed ]

b) have the report sortable by selected columns?

I assume that the answer to (b) is "no" (and sorry, I too lack SQL-fu ;)

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