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#187: "Working Out-of-the-box WebDAV" — as this PLIP was already submitted for inclusion in Plone 3.1, i suppose it's not quite clear if it should be considered for review now (without another announcement of the bundle's availability to the list). i haven't checked if there have been any updates to the code, or if a review bundle has been created without notification, though. perhaps sidnei can provide us with a quick status update here?

I suspect the code just needs some polishing, if any. There's two new
eggs to be included and other than that it's just configuration. I
don't have any time to look at this at the moment, swamped in first
weeks of new job.

i'm sorry to say, but i think you'd at least need to make sure the review bundle is up-to-date and post a few review notes along with it. otherwise i don't think we can consider a review (simply because we cannot hunt down the pieces ourselves as we cannot be sure to have the latest version that way).

the notes don't have to be extensive, but some basic instructions as well as an overview what has changed since the 3.1 review bundle should be included. if you don't have time yourself, please ask somebody else with the necessary insights. anyway, the bundle should be ready for review by tomorrow. the same goes for florian (wrt PLIP 232) and wichert (wrt PLIP 228), btw.



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