Ok, I reviewed this plip and these are my findings:

PLIP 126 framework review #3 by Danny Bloemendaal, 2009-01-27

review steps

the bundle was reviewed on OSX 10.5.6 doing the following:

  * bundle checkout, buildout etc

  * manual function tests to verify things work as intended

notes and observations
I reviewed this plip from a UI perspective of course. So I started by creating a folder as admin with a Link in there. Published both items. In another browser I visited as an anonymous user and opened the folder. Both the navtree and the link redirected me to the target url. As admin I also visited the folder and the navtree links me to the Link object while the folder listing
redirects me to the target url.
I checked what the default setting is for this redirecting and "Redirect immediately to link target" was not checked. Then how is it possible that it does redirect for anonymous and for admin in the folder listing? In my opinion, if you offer this option then it should not redirect when unchecked. Checking the option doesn't seem to change anything for anonymous and logged-in users without edit permissions. It keeps redirecting. The only change I notice when checking this option is the portal-like info message in the landing page for the Link object. So it looks as if this feature is not working at all or I am missing the entire point (which is also bad because I'm doing what I actually do best: being a dumb user)

Seeing this and at least thinking about the intentions I begin to wonder why this isn't implemented as the comments option. There you have a site setting for the type if you want to allow commenting or not. If allowed you can still overrule this for each instance (you can either user the site's default or control locally). I also am not in favor of the Info message. I'd leave it out. If the site admin or the site designer decided to do automatic linking, then you don't need to show this decision in every view page. I'd put in the edit form instead where it belongs. It's a setting after all.

It seems to not work so for now (until someone explains me what I'm doing wrong and if so why I misinterpreted the entire functionality): -1

On 26 jan 2009, at 00:52, Andreas Zeidler wrote:

On Jan 13, 2009, at 1:37 AM, David Glick wrote:
PLIP 126 (Link type should automatically redirect when accessed
directly) has been implemented.

i've added my review notes in http://dev.plone.org/plone/changeset/24687

in short: very nice, +1 for merging.  thanks david and andrew!



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