I added my review notes:

PLIP 243 framework UI review by Danny Bloemendaal (ender_), 2009-02-01

I reviewed this bundle and it all looks very familiair to me (ok,
the markup and ideas where taken from our plone intranet) ;-). Anyway
it all looks good and works as expected (the bugs mentioned below seem
to be fixed). I added some css and icons
to make it look good (imho).

One remark: I'd like to see a time stamp as well in the revision
dropdowns when viewing diffs. There can me more than one revision during
the day and then the time information helps.

+1 to integrate.

On 18 jan 2009, at 00:50, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

For reference here are the implementation notes. They are also present in the
README.txt in the buildout itself.

Implementation notes

This buildout contains the base implementation for PLIP 243: replace the
standard workflow history viewlet with a content history viewlet.

This buildout contains two changes:

- plone.app.layout has a new content history viewlet. This viewlet shows
 both versioning and workflow changes, and provides direct options to
show the differences between versions, review an older version or revert
 to an older version.

- a new history view was added which provides a much simpler way to
 show the differences between different revisions.

Needed documentation changes

User manuals should be updated to show the content viewlet and describe the
actions it exposes.

Outstanding issues

- the html_diff code difference view can trigger a UnicodeDecodeError, so I
 disabled it for now. For some unknown reason this only happens in the
history browser view. The exact same diff works fine when shown via the
 version_diff CMF page template.

- the CSS and icons needed for the content history viewlet are still
 missing. My CSS skills are too limited and my graphics skills
 non-existant, so someone else will need to tackle this. I can show
 screenshots of the viewlet as it is running on a customer site
 if desirable.

- it might be desirable to add a migration step to Plone to remove the
  old history action.

- the permission used for the @@history form may need to be verified

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