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i didn't mean to imply that not having more tests is a strict showstopper. please don't get me wrong here. i do appreciate calvin's work and all the fixes he put in to finally make this feature work. hunting the bug must have been cumbersome enough... however, usually we do provide tests to go along with bug fixes as well, to sort of prove things are working correctly now. clearly the case of nav-root != site-root wasn't covered with many tests so far, otherwise we would have seen failures all along. so why not take the opportunity and add a few tests that would have failed without the fixes calvin put in?

unfortunately i simply don't have any time left to go through the changesets again and point out tests i'd like to see, but i thought i had already given a generic guideline on what i think is missing. anyway, here's another look at it: if you (temporarily) revert your patches (at least the ones in code), and none of the currently existing tests fail, that's when you should add one that is (and then passes again with your fixes). i don't think that's too much to ask, especially since there are not that many changes (iirc) anyway.

but, like i said, i'm running out of time, so i'll leave things to tom and raphael...

I hear you ;-)

Don't worry; I'm confident Tom and I will handle.

Enjoy your vacation,



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