Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> On 2/19/09 8:59 AM, Raphael Ritz wrote:
>> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
>>> Now that the final reviews are in it's time to start merging. I disagree
>>> with the framework team results on one item: PLIP 243 is not ready for
>>> merging. It still suffers from a problematic unicode decore error that I
>>> have not been able to fix, and which must be solved before it can be
>>> merged. (shameless request: I need help with that one!
>> Sorry for not catching that one :-(
>> Can you give more details maybe? I don't see anything
>> reported on
> http://dev.plone.org/plone/browser/review/plip243-content-history/README.txt#25

I tried to look into this, but I wasn't able to provoke any error or see
any obvious place where one could occur.

Can you give me some concrete steps to follow to provoke the error?


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