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Hanno Schlichting <hanno...@hannosch.eu>

Matthew Wilkes wrote:
I've tried to include all the relevant possible times in this, let me
know if there's another I should add.

I'll be at PyCon in that week and have no idea what my time schedule is
going to be. I'll try to join on whatever time others agree.

In general I'll be on vacation from April 1st until April 13th with
limited internet access. From April 14th until end of June I'm going to
work on-site at a customer in Copenhagen. My internet access and
availability might be reduced at the start and exact work times are
still a bit unclear. I won't be available on IRC or for immediate
comments through-out the workday in those months.

I think this is just meant as a *sample* week to be used to set the
recurring meeting time for widest possible attendance so don't worry if
you're gone *that particular* week.


That is what I had in mind.

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