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I think accepted could mean two different things here:

1. The plip idea is accepted as a candidate for Plone x; no code has
   been written yet.

That's not really how reality works, though. If people have an idea that we want to keep around, we keep it — we would most likely reject a PLIP that seems like a bad idea or something that Plone shouldn't do.

2. The plip has been implemented and this implementation is accepted
   and is ready for merge.

Do we need a separate state for one of those?

I don't think so.

I guess if a plip idea is not accepted it wil immediately be put in
the rejected state, or perhaps if the idea is fine but not for the
upcoming plone version, then the milestone will be changed.

Exactly. Accepted should be tied to the approval from the framework team, IMO.

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