On May 5, 2009, at 11:11 PM, Ross Patterson wrote:
I should clarify my question here.  Is there an issue with making sure
that the backed up BLOB directory is consistent with a particular backed
up state of the Data.fs via repozo.

no. the only important bit is to not pack the zodb before the blob storage backup has finished. so what you do is:

    1. backup data.fs via repozo
    2. backup blob storage (for example via rsync)
    3. optionally pack the zodb

you might end up with some extra blobs created at a time after or during the repozo backup, but other than taking up space they won't hurt. otherwise blobs will never change and only get removed during packing.

I'm just saying we'd need to be able to make some
promise about repozo backups of Data.fs and backups of BLOB directory
being consistent.

we can.


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