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Steve McMahon wrote:
My only concern about calling Hanno's incremental change list 4.0 is
that we don't suffer from big-number expectation syndrome.

This is the biggest risk I guess, a major release with just a minor set of visible (UI) improvements, will bring bad publicity.

I agree — this is the biggest risk in terms of calling it 4.0 instead of 3.5. The consensus to call the 2009 release 4.0 makes sense to me — so +1 on that decision.

One way to mitigate this — and make Plone seem a bit more modern along the way — could be to apply the new typography/theme that I'm currently applying to trunk. This is essentially the typography from the plone.org redesign along with a color-neutral design for the navigation and other UI elements. The goal is to make something that you can put the company logo on, and it looks relatively decent, no matter what your company colors are.

This would make 4.0 seem "fresh" out of the box, make it look like an application from 2009, and let us ship with considerably more efficient/smaller CSS files.

The risk would be that we need to do some IE6 testing on it, but that might not be a bad thing, since we know much more about IE6 workarounds at this point than we did when the original CSS was written.

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