Jon Stahl wrote:
Eric Steele wrote:

A gentle prod since Steve wants to have something to vote on by Friday....

There seems to be general agreement on the hybrid team idea. Can we pare this down to a list of 7 people?

We currently have responses of:
available: Raphael (3), Ross (4), Matt (4)
unavailable: Andi (3)
I'd like to gently encourage Hanno to play a formal role on this new FWT. As the "Plone trunk/future" release manager and our most prolific contributor, I think it will be important for him to provide continuity between the Plone 4 release and Plone Future. I would also personally love to see Martin Aspeli and Laurence Rowe in the mix as well, since they have such deep understandings of our stack and are helping architect large chunks of the future.

I'm happy to be a part of this team too, presuming that most of the work will be later in the summer.


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