On 30 May 2009, at 22:23, David Glick wrote:

Raphael raised a question about the consequences of backwards- incompatible changes for add-on developers. Switching to a newer Zope and CMF will indeed probably have some consequences. But this is a major version bump of Plone, so I think it's okay if some things change; this is probably our best opportunity to rip out some old cruft.

Perhaps the question we should be asking is, "What do we want the new features for Plone 5 to be?". I think moving to browser views for default templates would be useful, if not just so it unifies our customisation story. We've got lots of new things that we're all itching to use, but we need to balance that with making the upgrade from 3->4->5 as smooth as possible for our integrators.

On the concrete example given, quite high-up on my list of wishlist features for Plone 4 would be ditching portal_skins and having a layer- aware analogue for browser views, with an exporter. TTW editing is sorely missing in 3.x, and I think it's a pain point.


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